Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sollys made it to the Semifinals!!!

Onto the Semis........ Super League definitely a long playoff season ha ha. I had to find out that we go off the TV schedule. So if we were to win the Semis best two out of three. The second game of the Semis are March 30th and we would have to wait until April 14th to play again that is a long time to do nothing but practice. At the end of the day it is all a learning experience.

My parents just left Brazil last night they enjoyed their time here as well. I miss them already but I am happy they let me know that they made it back safely. I must say the Quarterfinals definitely went by faster with them here. Time always flies when you are having fun. I love my parents and hopefully they will be back for the finals. Here are some photos of them here in Brazil:

The worst was seeing them in line to get ready to leave back to the USA :(.......

I pray that Saturday gets here fast. ha ha I am ready to play. The sooner we get through the Semis the sooner my parents and fiance will be back to watch the Final.

I want to wish all the other athletes who are overseas the best of luck in their playoffs and to get home safely when your season is over. This year is huge for everyone. London is right around the corner!!  :)