Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm Engaged!!!......

I am 24 years old...... Never would've thought that God would have sent me a man like Steven Coulter Jr. He is such a sweetheart. He loves me, supports me, understands my situation, stands by me through thick and thin, but most importantly he has a relationship with God. Which is everything I need. Sure we have our ups and downs but only the strong survive and I am happy to say that we have made it!!

How We Met........

Alisha and I before we went out.....

My USA teammate, Alisha Glass, and myself went out to Long Beach with my roommate/USA member, Jill Collymore and her boyfriend Mark. The name of the club was called Cohibas. While we were out I saw this guy walking around in a light blue shirt and jeans. I told Alisha "Ok this is the second time this guy has walked past me if he does it again I am going to say something to him." So of course as Alisha and I were exiting the bathroom. There he was on the rail. Alisha was behind me and she said "Umm there he is say something"..... I was like oh dear. So I said "Excuse me" he looks up and says "Yes" I respond with "I just wanted to tell you that you are sexy" his answer was simple yet satisfying. He answered with "Thank you" but the way his smile lingered made me feel warm inside.

Well after the club was over Alisha and I were heading done the guy I had given a compliment to tapped me on my shoulder and gave me his name then asked for mine. There was small talk. Then he asked me to put his number in my phone. I was so nervous that I couldn't type his number in correctly. ha ha I laugh at it now because it was so cute how he took the phone from my hand and said "Here let me do it." I was embarrassed but at the same time I was happy.  When he gave me my phone back he told me to text him once I made it home safely.

When I made it home I sent him the text. Since that day he and I had been attached at the hip. Since July 19, 2010 Steven Coulter and myself have been in a relationship.

Us in Cohibas a year after we met.....

Hollywood, California

Rainforest Cafe

In San Diego

In Pesaro, Italy

San Antonio, Texas

Anaheim, California

Corona, California 

Those are a only a handful of all the pictures we have taken together. While in Italy Steve and I took a couple shoot. As well as in California this past year. We are very comfortable with one another. The trust  and communication is there as well. The best thing a relationship needs. 

Some Photos from out shoot in Italy.....

Which leads us to NOW....... Soon to be Destinee Dante Coulter!!! It truly i s blessing to be with a man who will tolerate me through the good and the bad. As well as lay down and die for me. That doesn't come your way often. When it does you have to take it when you can. Thankful he chose me. Not to mention the bonus I am receiving while being with him. He has a beautiful daughter, Taniyah. Soon to be my step daughter. Even though I already view her as my own. She is a beautiful/spiritual child and looks just like Steve. 

Taniyah Alexis Coulter

2 years old

3 Years Old

4 Years Old

4 Years Old

In all engagements..... Everyone wants to see what the ring looks like so here is a picture of it:

God thank you for allowing Steven and I to meet. I can't wait for our wedding day. I love you Steven.