Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fans All Over the World........

When I said it truly is a blessing to have loyal fans I meant it. I received an email today from a woman in Japan. She messaged me before asking how to get a "DHook" T-shirt. Imagine my surprise when she sent me pictures of her and her sister wearing them. God is so good. "DHook" has reached Japan. Here is her email:


I posted about 〝D-hook Tee〟 on  facebook last month.

Finally,I could get it:) I attached photos:)
We are sisters who love you,hooker:)
We liked it very much:) it's comfortable to wear^m^ 
It looks like there are your silhouette in the Tee designs. Is it just my imagination?^^;

I've always wanted〝D-hook Tee〟since I read your blog which was written about it:)
According to my research, it was unfortunately impossible to buy it from Japan.
But I wanted it at all cost therefore I asked my friend who lives in Canada to borrow her address.
I would not have gotten it without her cooporation! if you mind, will you autograph this Tee and take a photo with me when we meet each other next time?
I hope you understand my English(^^)/ Reading your blog,facebook,twitter are good way to improve my English skills.
Thanks to you, I really enjoy learning English:) You are my motivation♪
I'm supporting you! Keep a great work:)
Yuri Sasaki

How sweet was that? I pray I do meet her again. I had to share that with you all. The best feeling in the world is having family, friends, and fans who support you no matter what and I thankful to have that. Below are the images that were sent :) Enjoy and God Bless.

Next week playoffs start...... I will keep you posted on the next blog. :)