Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sollys made it to the Semifinals!!!

Onto the Semis........ Super League definitely a long playoff season ha ha. I had to find out that we go off the TV schedule. So if we were to win the Semis best two out of three. The second game of the Semis are March 30th and we would have to wait until April 14th to play again that is a long time to do nothing but practice. At the end of the day it is all a learning experience.

My parents just left Brazil last night they enjoyed their time here as well. I miss them already but I am happy they let me know that they made it back safely. I must say the Quarterfinals definitely went by faster with them here. Time always flies when you are having fun. I love my parents and hopefully they will be back for the finals. Here are some photos of them here in Brazil:

The worst was seeing them in line to get ready to leave back to the USA :(.......

I pray that Saturday gets here fast. ha ha I am ready to play. The sooner we get through the Semis the sooner my parents and fiance will be back to watch the Final.

I want to wish all the other athletes who are overseas the best of luck in their playoffs and to get home safely when your season is over. This year is huge for everyone. London is right around the corner!!  :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's PLAYOFF time........

Hello all...... Now as you know at the end of every season comes Playoffs. Some see it as an opportunity to stay longer with teammates, others see it as an opportunity to go home, but in reality its the time to fight to win a CHAMPIONSHIP!!

On Monday we started our quarterfinals. Super League is different from every country I have played in. Their's are so spaced out it's honestly kind of shocking. In Puerto Rico you played every other day which I liked. Here its a week in between and that is killing me because I would rather play then practice 8 times and then play lol.

My parents are here for the Quarterfinals. Unfortunately they leave Friday morning they will miss the second game of the Quarterfinals. Spring break in the USA ends for them this Sunday. Dad has to get back to his church and my Mom has work. :) I am so happy they were able to come.

Only 30 days left until the Championship game. Prayerfully Sollys will be there. For the Quarterfinals we play Sao Bernardo. Danielle Scott, my USA teammate, is on that team. It's great to see her. This Friday we will play them at their place. Here are some images from the game on Monday:

Quarterfinals: March 12th, 13th, 16th, 17th, & 20th

Semifinals: March 24th, 26th, 30th, April 6th & 7th

Final: April 14th

Best 2 out of 3 and the Championship Game is just one

Continue to keep us in your prayers.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fans All Over the World........

When I said it truly is a blessing to have loyal fans I meant it. I received an email today from a woman in Japan. She messaged me before asking how to get a "DHook" T-shirt. Imagine my surprise when she sent me pictures of her and her sister wearing them. God is so good. "DHook" has reached Japan. Here is her email:


I posted about 〝D-hook Tee〟 on  facebook last month.

Finally,I could get it:) I attached photos:)
We are sisters who love you,hooker:)
We liked it very much:) it's comfortable to wear^m^ 
It looks like there are your silhouette in the Tee designs. Is it just my imagination?^^;

I've always wanted〝D-hook Tee〟since I read your blog which was written about it:)
According to my research, it was unfortunately impossible to buy it from Japan.
But I wanted it at all cost therefore I asked my friend who lives in Canada to borrow her address.
I would not have gotten it without her cooporation! if you mind, will you autograph this Tee and take a photo with me when we meet each other next time?
I hope you understand my English(^^)/ Reading your blog,facebook,twitter are good way to improve my English skills.
Thanks to you, I really enjoy learning English:) You are my motivation♪
I'm supporting you! Keep a great work:)
Yuri Sasaki

How sweet was that? I pray I do meet her again. I had to share that with you all. The best feeling in the world is having family, friends, and fans who support you no matter what and I thankful to have that. Below are the images that were sent :) Enjoy and God Bless.

Next week playoffs start...... I will keep you posted on the next blog. :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mommy Volley

So I decided to switch it up a little. The blog today is dedicated to two players on the USA volleyball team who have children. I was curious about their journeys and what led them back to the court after having a baby.

The questions were:

1. When did you find out you were pregnant?
2. What was your plan to get back to the court?
3. When was he/she born?
4. How long was the recovery time?
5. Where did you play when you returned?

Tayyiba Haneef-Park

1. I found out i was pregnant in July 2009. I was already a month along and didn't know it. 

2. My plan started early by keeping in shape during pregnancy and not using it as an excuse to just blow up and eat what i wanted. I ate healthy and excersized the whole time. I wasn't cleared at the normal time, which think is about 6 weeks, to go back and work out yet so I walked a lot around the neighborhood with Aj strapped to me. When I was cleared i slowly got back into shape through fun stuff like Zumba, Insanity and Spin classes. 

3. He was Born March 7, 2010

4. As I mentioned my recovery was a little longer because of difficulties I had after his birth. I started playing volleyball again around the end of June i think, but my back hurt and I wasn't at full strength. I finally felt like a normal volleyball player around November when my teammates overseas helped me complete the Insanity workout. 

5. My team after giving birth was Iqtisdachi Volleyball Club in Baku which i returned to this year.

The Park Family....... Tayibba, Anthony(Husband), and son, AJ

Danielle Scott-Arruda

I found out that I was pregnant in aug of 09 just before returning to national team. 

2 I played the first three months of my pregnancy. As soon as I was released by my doctor I began walking on the treadmill then I bought the video series insanity. 

3 Julianne was born on April 17,2010 after 17 long hours of epidural free labor and delivery. 

4 my doctor released me 4 weeks after delivery. I was allowed to train with the national team in july after having Julianne in april... Then i went to brazil to play professionally there. It took me about a year to get in better shape than I was before pregnancy. 

5 I played my first season after having my daughter in brazil for BMG Sao Bernardo. 

Dani and her beautiful daughter Julianne.........

Being able to have a child is a huge blessing, but having a baby as a volleyball player is a sacrifice. What I mean by that is. Once you realize you are pregnant there are a lot of mixed emotions. I am sure Dani and Ty were very happy when they found out but as you read their answers above there were commitments even when they were pregnant. 

One day I plan on having a little blessing of my own. It's always great to have a connection with someone who has experienced something you want to go through. You would think that after they had their babies they would want to worry about their families, but they are getting the best of both worlds. :) Dani and Tayyiba are playing overseas and involving their families. I admire how strong they are to find a happy balance. AJ and Julianne are here just in time for the Olympics. How much fun would it be to see then in the stands cheering for their Moms. 

Keep your eyes out for Dani and Tayyiba. They are both truly a blessing. :)