Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hello everyone. Due to not having internet I have had to find ways to get my blog up. I am here in Brazil right now for my season with Sollys Nestle. I love Brazil. Everyone is so friendly here. The team is WONDERFUL.  My first home game is January 10th, and I can not wait to be on the floor.

My New Year's was spent in Hollywood, Ca. The usual I guess you could say. I was able to meet up with an old friend. A few of you might know her. She played for the University of Washington. Her name is Jill Collymore. It was great seeing her before heading back overseas.  Jill and I were roommates two quarters ago and have had that connection ever since.

I am learning how to Samba. Not bad for my first time. I am taking it easy. It's great to have teammates who want to learn English and want to learn how to dance to hip-hop. Honestly outside of Puerto Rico I feel at home here. Not to mention the weather is a huge bonus. I figured I would put the video up to let you all see my first lesson.

That is all for now. I have been here for 6 days and there has been a lot going on. After the first game I will have more photos for you. Just know that BRAZIL is a beautiful place and you should consider taking a trip here.