Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Countdown.....

As you all know today is February 5th. Tomorrow will mark the official countdown until the end of Super League. One month to be exact. This team has brought me so much in a little bit of time. Time and time again I ask myself what my purpose is on this team. As I am sure you all ask yourselves the same question when you are on the court. Or even at work. Someone sent me an interesting email. I couldn't help but share it with you all.

"Hello Destinee,

I enjoy watching you play. You truly are an inspiration to me and all the other girls out there. I wish I could be like you. I am writing you because I have a problem. I play for a club that doesn't let me see the floor. The coach says I am the best she has yet after one mistake I am on the bench. I do not understand. I am sure this doesn't happen to you because you are one of the best in the World, but what do I do to convince my coach that I am capable of playing the game. I'm human and we all make mistakes right? So why bench me and call me the best? I can't be the best while I am watching. Thank you again for your time. You truly are amazing. God Bless you"

Now you could say this left me baffled. Why? Because I know the feeling she is going through. A lot of you may not know but at The University of Texas my freshman and sophomore year I was playing on edge almost every night. I had a fear that if I made one mistake I was going right to the bench. Most of the time it happened. Coach Elliott didn't view me as an all around player. Come to find out I proved him wrong. In 2009 in the NCAA Championship in Tampa I showed the World what I was capable of.

It even happened with USA volleyball. I was asked to come tryout from Hugh McCutcheon himself is the summer of 2010. Found myself on the 2010 roster for the World Grand Prix. Only then to find out I wouldn't be starting. The first opportunity I had I went for it. I remember it like it was yesterday. USA vs Dominican Republic. We were down the first set. Hugh calls for a double sub. Alisha Glass and myself in for Nicole Fawcett and Nellie Spicer. Came in and got a block at the heat of the moment. Since that day I was the starter.

This was the first picture taken of me on the international level. One I hold dearly.

I think this email bothered me because coaches should give their athletes the chance to prove themselves. If you tell an athlete (he or she) is the best why not allow them to make a statement on the floor. On the international it is a whole different ball game. A lot of the coaches are on edge and try to make changes because they don't know what else to do.  Fans ask me all the time "Why did he take you out of the game? Or you are the best in the world why don't you tell him?" What people have to realize is at the end of it all the coach does make the final decision on who he or she wants to play.

I know deep down I am great player because I have proven myself, for those young girls who have to deal moody coaches, angry parents, and jealous teammates it becomes a problem. Something they can't do by themselves. I am thankful she chose me to email and I pray my response helped her. At the end of the day we are are human and make mistakes but those who dwell on the negative can never move forward. I thank Hugh so much for giving me that opportunity to prove my worth. Since then on I work to get better and fulfill my destiny of becoming an Olympic Gold Medalist!! God Bless and thank you for reading.